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Therapy Services

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Online Sessions

More and more people are now choosing to access online therapy due to its numerous benefits. Online sessions mean that you are not restricted by geographical location, you can relax in the comfort of your own home, and book at a time that really suits you and your lifestyle. Some people also find that having sessions online allows them to open up in a way they might not if they knew they would then have to leave the therapy space to return home.

Online sessions take place weekly via a secure platform (Zoom), are available on Monday-Thursday between 8am-4pm, and the fee for a 60 minute session is £65.

Face to Face Sessions

While online therapy can be a great fit for many people, I also hear from those who prefer the connection of face to face sessions and who can benefit from accessing more creative methods in person.

I offer in-person sessions from my counselling room in both the centre of Rugby, (on Thursdays) and from Lilbourne (on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) between 8am-4pm. 

There is ample parking available outside.

I offer flexible weekly sessions for both adults and young people. Sessions are up to 60 minutes and cost £65.

Walk and Talk Sessions

Outdoor/Walk and Talk therapy sessions are a unique alternative to traditional indoor therapy. By taking our therapy sessions outdoors, you can enjoy the additional healing benefits of fresh air, gentle physical activity, and being in nature. 


Outdoor sessions take place in various settings around Rugby and Lilbourne, depending on your preferences. I'm happy to walk in all but the most extreme weather. This isn't a fitness session, we walk at your pace, and can spend as much time as you wish resting, sitting on a bench and enjoying the view.

Walk and Talk sessions can take place weekly, or on an ad-hoc basis as an alternative to your usual, in person sessions. Sessions are available on Tuesday - Thursday between 8am-4pm, and the fee for a 60 minute session is £65.

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