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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your availability?

I have online appointments available Monday- Thursday between the hours of 8am-4pm (UK time). In person appointments are available at my counselling room in Rugby on a Thursday, or from Lilbourne on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Can I speak to you before booking?

Of course! I offer a free, introductory 15-minute chat, allowing you to discuss the issues you'd like to focus on and to decide if I'm the right fit for you as a therapist. If you’d like to get in touch, please do. I’d be so happy to speak with you.

What kind of therapy do you offer?

I have trained in a variety of approaches and so I am able to offer the support that best suits you, which may change from session to session or throughout our time working together. I tailor the support to whatever you may need and are comfortable with in the moment, whether that be CBT, traditional talking therapy, creative therapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems) or a more somatic, body-based approach.

What happens at my first session?

When we decide to work together I will send you a therapy agreement and registration form to complete. This will contain some more information around what to expect and frees up time we would otherwise spend completing this during your first session!

Your initial session lasts for 60 minutes and will simply be a chance for us to begin getting to know one another. We'll talk about what brought you to therapy, what you're dealing with and how I can help. You'll never be under any pressure to talk about things you aren't ready to discuss. 

There's no need to prepare or bring anything, unless you want to of course! Some people find it helpful to have a list of things they want to share, or things they don't want to forget to say or ask, but it isn't necessary to do this if that doesn't feel right or helpful to you.


Building trust can take time and I don't underestimate how daunting it can feel to begin therapy! I'll always do my very best to put you at ease, and I'm sure you'll be surprised at how much better you feel once you've had your first session.

Do you work with counselling students?

Yes, and I love working with students! Together we will explore your story and work through any challenges you may be facing to support you on your journey towards becoming a counsellor or therapist. Accessing your own therapy is such an important aspect of counselling work and training, an opportunity for you to get to know yourself better, and ultimately to become the best therapist you can possibly be.

What are your fees?

My fees are £65 per hour for both online and face to face sessions. 

I do appreciate that the cost of therapy can be a barrier for some, and so I do offer a limited number of reduced fee appointments for those who need them. Please do contact me if this something you would like to discuss.

How long will I need to be in therapy? 

This answer will be different for everyone as it depends on the individual and the issue(s) they're working through. While some people may find they are seeing great progress after just a few sessions, others may benefit from longer-term therapy in order to work through deeper, more complex issues.


I specialise in working with people on a longer term basis, and I find that those who commit to regular sessions experience the most profound and lasting changes over time. Whilst there are definitely some strategies and tools I can share that will make a difference right away, there are no 'quick fixes' or magic wands in therapy (I know, I wish there were too!) but I can promise you the hard work is worth it. Whatever your needs, we will work together to create a plan that works for you.

What can I talk about in therapy?

Absolutely anything. 

There is nothing too big or too small. You might be worried about sharing something that feels too taboo, traumatic or overwhelming. No topic is ever off limits or 'too much', and I am trained to be able to safely hold whatever it is you need to work through.


On the other hand, perhaps you're worried that your problems might not be 'bad enough' for therapy or that your struggles seem small or 'silly' compared to what others are going through. If you're struggling, there are reasons for that, which will make perfect sense once we begin to uncover them. I believe you deserve to feel heard, validated, and supported no matter what you're going through.

Some common topics people bring to therapy include relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and life transitions. However, you don't need to have a specific issue or problem to bring to therapy.

How will I know when it's time to end therapy?

Knowing when to end therapy is very personal, and lots of people can find endings tricky to manage, but this is all the more reason to talk it through together when the time feels right to you. 

You might feel ready to end therapy when:

  • You've Achieved Your Goals: You've worked through what brought you to therapy and feel good about where you are now.

  • You Feel More Self-Aware: You understand yourself better and feel more in tune with your thoughts and feelings.

  • You Have New Tools: You’ve learned ways to cope with life’s challenges and feel confident using them.

  • You Simply Feel Better: You notice a lasting improvement in how you feel day to day.

In an ideal world we would plan for an ending, but sometimes, unexpected things happen like changes in finances or life circumstances, that make continuing therapy challenging. You may even change your mind and realise now isn't the right time to be in therapy. It can sometimes be hard to share things like this, but together we can explore possible options, such as adjusting the frequency of your sessions, finding alternative resources, a lower-fee space, or planning a pause or ending. This will always be your choice!

When you think you're ready, we can plan a final session. This gives us a chance to review your journey, celebrate your progress, and ensure you feel prepared for the future.

And remember, therapy is always here if you need to come back!

Where are you based?

In person appointments are available at my counselling room in Rugby on a Thursday, or from Lilbourne on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 

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